Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Egypt Travel - Before departure

It became the Golden Week in Japan I've been waiting for.

From tomorrow, I will go to Egypt that I craved.

It was last November that is near half a year ago, when I booked flight tickets.
Speaking of 2011 November, it was severe confused time when demo or riot occurred everyday, pyramid was closed, or presidential election was planned.

At that time, when I was unintentionally look at the site treating discount airline tickets, I found cheap Egypt flight tickets. so I was immediately purchase them.

Such a flight was like this.

bound for Cairo
    28 APR 20:50 Narita → 29 APR 5:15 Doha
    29 APR 13:50 Doha → 29 APR 16:15 Cairo
return from Cairo
    5 MAY 17:45 Cairo → 5 MAY 22:00 Doha
    6 MAY 00:50 Doha → 6 MAY 19:20 Narita
All flights will be operated by Qatar Airways
Airfare was \34,000. and it was \76,000 all other cost included such as commission, surcharge and so on.
I bought this ticket immediately after I found it. but this ticket was sold out only one hour later. I could have bought so luckily.

I had enough time of half a year to prepare and plan this travel.
This is the schedule.


28 APR
    The departure time of airplane is 9:20 pm at Narita airport. I bought Narita Express to arrive Narita Intl Airport three hours before the flights since it may be crowded because of the first day of Golden week of Japan.
    I will leave home past 15 o'clock.

29 APR
    I will arrive at Qatar past 5:00 at dawn, and stay up to 14:00.
    I am to go out in the city. though I couldn't find the place where I want to see so much, I think to take a walk around old city where there is a market of Souk.
    Date palm seems to be famous in Qatar. if I find it, I would like to eat it. I will arrive at Cairo at night, and will go to hotel in Giza by taxi. I already booked a hotel within walking distance from the Pyramid. I am going to see the sound and light show of night light up.

30 APR
    This day, I will go to the Pyramid, and eat lunch at famous Kentucky before the Sphinx. I also want to do taxi tour of Memphis, Dahshur, and Saqqara.

    From Cairo to Aswan to Abu Simbel by domestic airpline.
    After watching Abu Simbel, I'll again get on an airplane to Aswan.
    The places where I wanted to see in Aswan are nearly crowded, so I would rather go around in this area this day.
    I booked Philae hotel for this night, which is most expensive hotel in this trip.
    ・・・ it is however $60 per night, which is a little less than 5000 yen.

    From Aswan to Luxor by train.
    I will either spend to see Aswan in the morning, or go early to Luxor to walking around the east coast of Luxor. I am going to spend something like that.

    [Little Garden Hotel]
    I paid for this hotel by Euro. it is 14€. 
    Luxor sightseeing. I will go to both east coast and west coast. I'lll also see Vally of Kings where Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered.
    I am go to Cairo by sleeper train at night.

    Cairo sightseeing. I want to see Archaeological museum, and also go to world heritage of Islam district.
    I think that I will see belly dance show on the cruise ship called Golden Pharaoh. I should book when I went there.
    I will stay the guest house of 125 Egyptian pound per night. It may be a luxury room with air-conditioned private room among guest house.


    The second day of Cairo sightseeing. I'll spend whole day and take a flight of evening.

    I'll transit in Qatar as well as coming to Cairo. but I have only three hours in Qatar though I have 9 hours when coming. it is about 20 o'clock at night as I come back to Japan.

As I already booked all the hotel and airplane, I want to travel whole route without breaking physical condition.
Though India travel I went last year was very carefully planned, this travel was also carefully planned.

Then, I'll go to Egypt.


Continued on Egypt travel - The first day (28 APR), Departure.

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