Saturday, May 11, 2013

Machu Picchu Travel #4 - The third day (4.29) #1, Nazca Lines, then to Cusco by night bus.


  Booking the flight over Nazca Lines at the Hotel.

  21:15 NAZCA → 4.30 11:45 CUSCO
  * I reserved Presidential Bed Service on TEPSA
  There was not any Hotel because of night bus.

This day, I saw Nazca Lines by cessna in the morning, I spend in Nazca daytime, and I went to Cusco by night bus.

In the morning

The outside view from my room at the morning. I was doing laundry in the room as soon as I arrived in Nazca the day before, but it had almost dry.

"As you will ride on the Cessna from now, you had better not eat breakfast. when you will come back, you may eat breakfast." hotel owner said, making only coffee.
"I want to eat ceviche, so I will eat lunch outside" I said to him. he also said to me "let's eat ceviche together at lunch."

I started out at just 9 o'clock when pickup service came to my guest house.

Nazca Airport

Though it was named Airport, Nazca Airport was very small.
This is not used to move other airports, but only used by cessna to watch Nazca Lines,

In the airport, there were many counters of the travel company.
Type of cessna and route to view geoglyphs seemed to be different by travel company.
The owner of guest house arranged ALAS PERUANAS. it seems that they have all 3-5 seater cessna in which everyone can sit down at window side seat.

I rode on this 4 seater cessna.

I used 2 cameras at that time.
I took movies at left hand, and I took pictures at opposite hand.

Here is pictures.
there are normal size photo at left side and enlarged photo at right side.

Astronaut (35m)

Monkey (90m)

Dog (50m)

Hummimngbird (93m)

Condor (135m)

Spider (46m)

Tree (70m) & Hands (50m)

You can also enjoy the movies.

I got the certificate that I have seen the Nazca Lines.

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