Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Machu Picchu Travel #1 - I came back from Machu Picchu safely.

Today, I came back from Machu Picchu safely.
There was some thing confusing, but I enjoyed the whole travel along with the scheduled plan.

Here is the schedule which I planned before the travel.

4.27 Narita departure to Lima
    18:15 NRT (Tokyo: Narita Intl Airport) → 16:05 ORD (Chicago: O'Hare Intl Airport)
    18:00 ORD (Chicago: O'Hare Intl Airport) → 22:10 MIA (Miami: Miami Intl Airport)
    23:55 MIA (Miami: Miami Intl Airport) → 4.28 4:30 LIM (Lima: Jorge Chávez Intl Airport)
    * All Flights are American Airlines.

4.28 Lima arrival, then to Nazca by bus
    7:30 LIMA → 15:00 NAZCA
    * I reserved VIP seats on Cruz Del Sur
    Hotel: Hospedaje Yemaya (Nazca)

4.29 Nazca Lines, then to Cusco by night bus
    Booking the flight over Nazca Lines at the Hotel.
    21:15 NAZCA → 4.30 11:45 CUSCO
    * I reserved Presidential Bed Service on TEPSA
    There was not any Hotel because of night bus.

4.30 Cusco arrival by bus, then walking around Cusco
    Hotel: Hostal El Triunfo (Cusco)

5.1 Departure to Machu Picchu by train in early morning, Machu Picchu sightseeing, then stay there
    7:42 CUSCO → 10:51 Machu Picchu
    * Train type: Expedition ($68)
    Hotel: Sol de Oro (←This hotel had problem, so I stayed another hotel.)
    The place which I stayed in fact was Machu Picchu Hostal (Machu Picchu)

5.2 Huaynapicchu Climing in Machu Picchu, then to Cusco
    17:27 Machu Picchu → 21:15 CUSCO
    * Train type: Vistadome ($84)
    Hotel Hostal Rojas (Cusco)

5.3 Flight from Cusco to Lima
    11:15 Cusco → 12:45 Lima
    * this flight was Star Peru
    Hotel: Hotel Miraflores Lodge

5.4 Lima sightseeing during the day, then return home by the night flight
    22:55 LIM (Lima: Jorge Chávez Intl Airport) → 5.5 5:50 MIA (Miami: Miami Intl Airport)
    5.5 10:30 MIA  (Miami: Miami Intl Airport) → 5.5 12:50 ORD  (Chicago: O'Hare Intl Airport)
    5.5 13:45 ORD  (Chicago: O'Hare Intl Airport) → 5.6 16:40 NRT (Tokyo: Narita Intl Airport)
    * All Flights are American Airlines.

The next is a travelogue of this travel.

Next: Machu Picchu Travel #2 - The first day (4.27), Narita departure to Lima.

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